Epitaph For An Ego

E.J. Gold

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This is the original 1971 recording of piano music composed by E.J. Gold for private, small group experiments in sacred dance and dervish practices. He has personally remixed it for GATEWAYS and added pieces never before released! That record album, entitled Epitaph for an Ego, brought hundreds of people to circles specially formed for transformational work under E.J. Gold's direction.

You may find in this music, along with neo-impressionistic elements, rhythms and harmonic structures influenced by music of the Middle East and Islamic North Africa. Its motifs reflect work rhythms of those cultural areas as well as the composer's research into ancient temple dancing and song patterns, particularly as preserved in certain monasteries and dervish communities. The composition as a whole supports a constant inner mood and evokes the form of a great cathedral or mosque. Listen with close attention to this music. As it reverberates within, let it guide you in the austere inner courtyard of the Garden, where mysteries are unveiled.

Note from the Composer: "Through the use of sound, specifically variation in rhythmic structures, chord clash and subtractive frequencies, the velocity of the essential self moving through the lifetime (visualized as a tunnel) can be altered. This has the effect of disengaging the essential self from its hypnotic identification with the human biological machine."

This was the first of E.J. Gold's CDs that I acquired. At once mysterious and compelling this CD would be the last thing I would listen to before falling asleep. Through many times of trouble it soothed and comforted taking me to place of pure love and peace.


Track List

  • 1. Dervish Exercises
  • 2. Hymn To Endlessness
  • 3. Holy Reconciliation
  • 4. Al-Washi's Theme
  • 5. Series Greque
  • 6. Bektashi Hymn
  • 7. Dervish Exercise #9
  • 8. Dervish Exercise #23
  • 9. Dervish Exercise #2
  • 10. The Camel And The Goose
  • 11. Dervish
  • 12. Aziz-Allah
  • 13. The Making Of Epitaph


  • © 1998 Cloister Recordings.
  • Original compositions © 1971 E. J. Gold (BMI).
  • Pianist Brad Newsom.
  • Pianist for "The Making of Epitaph," Ludi Von Hinrichs.
  • Produced in vinyl © 1971 IDHHB, Inc.
  • Cover art for LP © 1971 Lin Larsen.
  • Remixed at Heavenly Studios, Sacramento, California, 1985.
  • Engineered by Gary Woltman.
  • Released on cassette © 1985 Gateways Books & Tapes.
  • Remastered by Jimmi Accardi.
  • Mastered for compact disc by Oz Fritz.
  • Cover photo & recording session photos of E.J. Gold by Ken Paulsen.