Dance of the Hi-Tech Shaman

E.J. Gold

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The invisible world is only invisible because we tell ourselves that we don't see it. A shaman is not overwhelmed by the suddenly increased perceptions and sensations.

The induction follows the shaman's initiation and travel between dimensions using totems to absorb the shock of transition. The shaman shapeshifts to follow his vision, threads the shawoman's labyrinth to find her in the center, dances for her and finally joins her in a serpentine dance around the tree of life.

This is music for the journey past identity. As you listen, your facial mask flows into the face of your beloved, of a clown, of an ancient sage, a wizard, a star-gazer, a queen of light, a hobo, a dancer, a troll, a tree-spirit, a gambler. The crystallized mind melts, then finally the mask rematerializes, a finely-screened lithographic print etched forever on the surface of a cybernetic planet, a huge molecular-engineered computer chip.

E.J. Gold is an author, musician, cybernaut, virtual reality wizard and recognized leader in the field of transformational psychology. His compositions have highly specific effects designed to alter the body's electrical field towards mystical awakening.

A rare blend of Percussion with Techno, the album is an instant shapeshifter and deeply therapeutic. The two media take turns to magnetically stabilize you , maneuver your middle receptors , and take you to higher frequenciences - finding grounds within you. This Invocational magic music creates instant visual contexts through each track . leaving you wondering if the visual landscapes that the tracks create- deserts, starry midnights , Jungles and darkrooms, are places within you or without you. The coarsely wild and earthy spirit is arranged in the nodes that are infused with wood, water, wilderness.

Alkami- New Delhi, India

Track List

  • 1. Strictly Shamanistic
  • 2. Ghostworld
  • 3. Silicon Spirits Embracing
  • 4. Macro-Molecular Mandala
  • 5. Oceans of Laser Light
  • 6. Shape-Shifting Shaman
  • 7. Shawoman's Labyrinth
  • 8. Dance of the Hi-Tech Shaman
  • 9. Anaconda Samba


  • All music 1984 E.J.Gold (BMI)
  • Published by Union Label Music
  • Produced by E.J. Gold
  • Recorded at Heavenly Studio
  • Remixed at Moon Studio
  • Engineered by David Houston
  • Mastered for CD by Oz Fritz
  • Recording artists:
  • E.J. Gold -- the Hi-Tech Shaman
  • Menlo Macfarlane on percussion, pennywhistle, pan-pipes
  • Liner photo by Willem de Groot.
  • 1998 Cloister Recordings. All rights reserved.