Ritual of the Cave

E.J. Gold

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Have you even been in a deep cavern in total darkness? The absence of all things familiar - sunlight, trees, flowers, animals - the ominous silence of the inner earth and oppressive feeling of weight - all those tons of earth above you and even though it has held in place for 250,000 years, the thought is unavoidable that just possibly today...

The Ice Age, 50,000 years B.C. -- the prehistoric shaman carries a lighted shell lamp filled with animal fat and a floating wick. He has chalk pots filled with color so that he can paint bison on the wall. Suddenly, far within the cave, a subtle gust of wind blows out the lamp. He decides to paint in spite of the darkness, trusting the spirits to guide his hand, and as he paints, he begins to make sounds, listening attentively to the reverberations of the cave...

After a while, the spirits seem to begin to answer his sounds with their own, and a temporal passage opens. He sees lines and lines of Monks in a Buddhist Temple. What the shaman takes to be Spirits are actually people in the future, chanting. Because the shaman is deep in the earth, Gaia is giving him access to future history, both cross-cultural and cross-temporal.

Our ice-age Nostradamus hears chanting in Tibetan, Nepalese, Butanese, Medieval, Catholic, Renaissance, Judaic, Southwest Indian, Naqushbandi Dervish and East Indian, sounds coming to him across the centuries, which he imitates in his primitive ice-age language, slurred sounds, sounds without significance, but powerful sounds which give him light in which to work.

From your shamanic listening post, take with us a departure on a macrodimensional sonic voyage. There are few listening experiences more rich than this one. I wouldn't be without it.

-- Y.T.

Track List

  • The Shaman's Descent
  • Into the Darkest Depths
  • The Underworld
  • Spirits Open and Answer


  • © 1998 Cloister Recordings
  • All songs © 1989 E.J. Gold (BMI)
  • Published by Union Label Music
  • Produced by E.J. Gold
  • Recorded by:
  • E.J. Gold - The Hi-Tech Shaman
  • Recorded at Union Label Studios, Nevada City, CA
  • Front cover art: Flowing Back, E.J. Gold, charcoal, Rives BFK, ©1992 hei