The Wheel

Martin Silverwolf

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Revolve through the cycles of the seasons with a mantrum of environmental harmony that spirals upward like a prayer for renewal providing medicine to heal you, spirits to guide you, plants to nourish you and a flame to light the way.

The music of Martin Silverwolf seems to come from beyond the beyond on a journey that takes you in all directions at once - a rare and unusual experience.

As he passes on his endless knowledge to another generation, Martin Silverwolf demonstrates the completion of another natural cycle.

This is a combination I cannot recommend highly enough; the mastery of Martin Silverwolf's music, his musical direction and the performance of his proteges Dru Kristel, drummer; Jeanne Kristel, flutist, and the Not Always North American Drum Core.

-- Y.T.

Track List

  • Through The Flame
  • The Land Of Native Nothingness
  • Sipapo ("The Gap Between Worlds")
  • White Noise
  • First Spirits
  • Morning Dove
  • Red Medicine
  • Lifts Me In Its Hands
  • Plant People


  • © 1998 Cloister Recordings
  • All music © 1992 Martin Silverwolf
  • Published by Union Label Music
  • © 1992 The Union Label
  • Produced by Dru Kristel
  • Recorded by:
  • Dru Kristel & the Not Always North American Drum Core
  • Engineered by Dru Kristel
  • Mixed by Dru Kristel & Wm. I. Georgevitch at Audio Awareness Lab
  • Special thanks to E.J. Gold
  • Front cover art: Vision of the Beyond, Martin Silverwolf, acrylic on canvas, ©1992 A.D.A.M., Inc.