Jimmi Accardi & the P.V.T.s

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"What happened to you when you were high; I'll bet you thought you'd understand You traveled naked in your clothes On a journey to an unknown land. Oh my God, I think I'm dying, Every lifetime lasts one breath Can't sit still, can't keep moving, Every moment ends in death. --Excerpted from "What Happened to You?" by Gold/Macfarlane/Accardi

Track List

  • Karma and Sweat (3:09)(Dickson / Accardi)
  • What Happened to You (6:25)(Gold / Macfarlane / Accardi)
  • Secret Talkin' Blues (2:06)(Macfarlane / Accardi)
  • Hesitation Blues (4:54)(Parody of Traditional words: Dickson / Music: Accardi)
  • Three Great Laws (4:47)(Dickson / Accardi)
  • The Heart Song (5:59)(Dickson / Accardi)
  • That's All (1:40)(Parody of Traditional words: Dickson / Music: Accardi)
  • Vanity (5:00)(McDonnell / Accardi)
  • Conscious Love (2:33)(Gold / Accardi / Dickson / Macfarlane / Sawyer / McDonnell)
  • 48 Laws (3:42)(Dickson / Accardi)
  • Long a-Growin' (3:30)(Words: Dickson / Traditional Music) Female vocal by Donna Tonery
  • Karma Man (5:17)(Bonnett / Accardi)
  • Hymn to The Absolute (7:03)(Gold / Accardi)


  • © 1993 The Union Label All rights reserved.
  • Unauthorized duplication is prohibited by law.
  • Published by Union Label Music (BMI)
  • Produced and Engineered by Jimmi Accardi
  • Special thanks to A.V. Hopcroft, Wayne Hoyle, Margaret Iredell, Marvette Kort, Rymja, Doug Cracraft.
  • This album is dedicated to Parker Dickson.