Le Chayim

Zalman Schachter

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"From my late father, Reb Shlomo Hakohen Schachter, I learned the modes of prayer and many songs of devotion and celebration. Fifteen years after his passing I recorded these songs, many of which have already been forgotten. They mostly represent a selection of pre-Holocaust hassidic devoutness and joy.

Songs 1 - 8 are in the genre of Basking In The Presence: Celebrating The Contemplative Secret. Songs 9 - 21 are in the genre of Dancing With God: Celebrating The Joyous Secret."

-- Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Track List

  • Zar'a Hayah V'Kayama. Living Seed.
  • Hokhmat Adam Ta'ir Panav. Wisdom's Shining Face.
  • Y'Did Nefesh. Beloved of My Soul.
  • The Tzemach Tzedek's D'Vekut. In Loving Touch With G.D.
  • Ba'tl L'Gani. I Came To My Garden To Meet My Beloved.
  • V'Taher Libbenu. Please Wash My Heart So My Labor Won't Be In Vain
  • Makarever Niggun. A Tune From The Tchernobyl Dynasty.
  • El Adon.
  • Modzhitz March.
  • Niggun From Nicholsburg.
  • Modzhitz Dance.
  • Hama'vir Banav. He Brought Us Through The Red Sea.
  • Balkan Dance
  • We Won - An After Neilah Triumphal March
  • Galitzianer Table Banger I.
  • Galitzianer Table Banger II.
  • Hungarian Gypsy Tune For Dror Yikra. Let Freedom Ring.
  • Mimkomakh. Please Appear From Your Place.
  • Pa's Niggun.
  • Avrumtche Geiger's March.
  • This Is King David's Feast.


  • 1999 Cloister Recordings. All rights reserved.
  • Produced by E.J. Gold
  • Engineered by Jimmi Accardi
  • 1990 Gateways
  • Remastered for CD by Oz Fritz
  • Special thanks to E.J. Gold and Community
  • Recording Artists:
  • Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi - vocals, whistles, percussion, keyboard
  • Eve Ilsen - vocals, guitar
  • Jimmi Accardi - synthesizer, whimsy, patience, persistence, skill
  • Cover art: "Sim Shalom!", Zoe Alowan Goldstein, C.G.I., 1999 hei