Chanting Induction

E.J. Gold

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"Right now we're going to do a little chanting and as I do the chanting I want you to go with me into a different space; a space in which each of the syllables of the chant is a rejecter of rebirth in the lower worlds so you're going to remain in the space of chanting.

And just be in that space of chanting, not having to go anywhere else, not having to do anything else, not having any other agenda; merely remaining in that space and should it occur that that becomes your eternity, it has to be okay with you. That has to be an okay space to be in so make that an okay space to be in should that become an eternal space where you never can leave.

Your breath and the sound are the only things that actually support what you're really doing. What you're really doing is sending your Chi, your force out. But you're sending it out in much higher elevated planes, much higher elevated frequencies.

"These are six worlds you're rejecting both in samsaric and nirvanic forms. You're rejecting all the worlds of form, all the worlds of illusion by pushing the womb doors away; using these sounds to push them away.

So you're pushing away, you're refusing rebirth in the lower worlds, refusing it, refusing refuge and remaining in the Clear Light. And you're going to remain in that Clear Light which is the chant, which is that sound.

There is a rhythm and the rhythm can be found, you will find your own place in that rhythm and in that sound... You should find your place and fit yourself into the jigsaw puzzle of that beautiful mandala which is the sound..." - E.J. Gold


  • © 2000 Cloister Recordings
  • Produced by E.J. Gold
  • Engineered by Oz Fritz
  • Cover photo by Ken Paulsen