On the Road

Parker Dickson Band

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It's a time warp that takes you straight back to the days of "peace, love and understanding!" An eclectic mix of folk, blues, rock and roll this CD is a delightful trip that makes you stop now and again in order to deal with a moment of realization.

Track List

  • Who is the Devil's Bounty? (Parker Dickson)
  • Chief Feature (Parker Dickson)
  • Paying Too Much (Parker Dickson)
  • BardoTown (words - Parker Dickson)
  • Gambler's Song (Margeret McDonnell)
  • A Way Am I To Thee, A WayFarer (Parker Dickson)
  • Diddle Arounder's Soiree (Parker Dickson)
  • Angel Opened the Door (P. Dickson, D. Heywood)
  • Love, O Conscious Love (M. Sawyer, E.J. Gold, P. Dickson, M. Macfarlane, M. McDonnell)
  • Prospector Song (Parker Dickson)
  • What Happened To You (E.J. Gold, M. Macfarlane, J. Accardi, P. Dickson)
  • Man of Constant Tomorrow (Parker Dickson)
  • Death Ride (Parker Dickson)
  • Green Felt Below Me (P. Dickson, E.J. Gold, D. Heywood, M. Macfarlane)
  • Long A Growin' (Parker Dickson)
  • Angels Anonymous (Parker Dickson)
  • Gambler's Song (2nd version) (M. McDonnell)


  • © 2000 Cloister Recordings
  • Produced by E.J. Gold
  • Songs published by Union Label Music
  • Engineered by Jimmi Accardi
  • Mastered for CD by Oz Fritz
  • Recording artists:
  • Parker Dickson - vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Jimmi Accardi - piano, drums
  • E.J. Gold - bass
  • Della Heywood - vocals
  • Menlo Macfarlane - vocals, percussion, flute
  • Meg McDonnell - vocals
  • Y.T. - vocals
  • St. George's Tabernacle Choir - additional vocals
  • Front cover photo by Willem DeGroot
  • Back cover photo by Willem DeGroot