The Thrill Is Back


Price $16.97

Faxl brings the thrill of live music back in one of their most accomplished performances ever. House band at the Starlight Lounge for the last 70 trillion years give or take, they just keep getting better and better. For all you Moody Blues fans out there, they actually found the "lost chord" on this one.

Track List

  • The Thrill Is Back
  • Fun With The Kazoo
  • On The Watch Towel
  • If You Can Hear Me, Wiggle Your Ears
  • Crossing The Great Divide
  • Council Of The Wise
  • Repose
  • Help Is On The Way
  • Expedition
  • Worst Week I Ever Had


  • E.J. Gold - Udu, Gemeinhardt Flute, Djembe, Harmonica, Kazoo, Shakers, Vocals,
  • Jim Rodney - Guitar
  • Robbert Trice - Dumbek, Harmonica, Shakers, Zen Flute
  • Claude Needham - Bass
  • Nancy Burns - Piano, Synth
  • Dan Rosenstein - Organ
  • T. Jones - Drum Kit
  • Jedrik - Tambourine
  • Barbara - Didgeridoo