I Want To Fly

E.J. Gold

Price $16.97

The pitched rhythms and implied melodies of the Hapi drums grant access to worlds within worlds. In ceremonial ritual it's technically called the "Opening of the Temple;" here it's done with sound and intention.

Join with the presence of the Shaman's assemblage traversing obscure paths, hidden byways and chambers of the great Labyrinth, invoking helpful guides along the way.

E.J. Gold is playing Hapi Drums, tuned individually to D Integral, E Integral, C Akebono, F Sharp Minor and D Minor

Track List

  • Invoking the Nature Spirits
  • Cascading Waterfall
  • Invoking the Mammoth
  • Invoking Solaria
  • Invoking Spirit Helpers
  • Invoking the Eagle
  • On Thunder Mountain
  • Halfway Down the Mountain
  • Entrance to the Cave
  • The Hollow Earth
  • The Narrow Path
  • Higher Celestial Spheres
  • Galaxia Wormhole
  • Band of Angels Flight
  • Before the Face
  • The Return


  • Produced by E.J. Gold
  • Engineered by Oz Fritz
  • Photo by Yanesh
  • Cover design by Marvette Kort